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When the material exits the mill, the iron ore is classified using cyclones or vibrating screens that separate fine and large particles. The large particles are diverted back into the crusher and the fine particles will undergo a spiral gravity separation process. 5.

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Pieces of cast iron were placed on a finery hearth, on which charcoal was being burned with a plentiful supply of air, so that carbon in the iron was removed by oxidation, leaving semisolid malleable iron behind. From the 15th century on, this two-stage process …

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Natural iron ores are mixtures of iron and unwanted impurities, or gangue. In ancient times, these impurities were removed by slagging. Slag was removed by liquation, that is, solid gangue was converted into a liquid slag. The temperature of the process was high enough for the slag to exist in its liquid form.

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Processing of the ore ranges from simple crushing and screening to a standard size, through to processes that beneficiate or upgrade the quality of the iron ore products. This is done by physical processes, which remove impurities by differences in particle density or size gravity or size separation. Processing may be wet or dry.

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The Process of Making and Refining Steel from Raw Iron ...

2017-04-27 · Iron ore is utilized in the p roduction of steel- the process of steel-making involves the removal of impurities from raw iron and the addition of alloying components to produce the desired ...

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1. Gather iron ore. Iron ore can be bought or gathered, but for the sake of demonstration, we gathered the ore ourselves. The best time to collect iron ore is in the winter because the ocean is more active. Active waves separate the black, magnetic sand from lighter silica sand.

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Iron ore is obtained in the conventional method of open cast or underground mining and conveying the ore to the surface preparation are where it is crushed, washed, and transported to the smelter. Here the ore is put into a blast furnace along with limestone and coke and subjected to hot air blasting and heat which converts the ore to molten iron.

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